The Clueless Party Card Game


The Clueless Party Card Game is a nostalgic and fun-filled party game that revolves around friendships, fashion, and everything Clueless™! Players get to relive their favorite moments from the iconic movie while answering personal questions and bonding with friends.

In this game, players take on the role of Cher and strive to improve their report card grades by completing four mini-games. Each mini-game represents an iconic Clueless™ location, such as The Mall, Cher's Closet, The Valley Party, and The High School Debate Class.

Best suited for 3-6 players, The Clueless™ Party Game promises an enjoyable girls' night in, where players can spin down memory lane, laugh, and compete to be the first to complete all four mini-games. The game includes 150 cards for the mini-games, a spinner board, a report card notepad, a fluffy pen, and a debate token.

It's a fun and entertaining activity for ages 17 and above, perfect for anyone who loves Clueless™ and wants to share an enjoyable time with friends!

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