At Tractr, every pair of jeans is carefully made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, ensuring long-lasting durability, comfort, and an ideal fit. Their focus on quality means you can depend on your Tractr jeans for years to come.
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Tractr - Basic Skinny with Fun Hem Jean Tractr
Tractr - Basic Mid-Rise Ankle Crop Jean Tractr
Tractr Diane White Mid Rise Fray Skinny Jean Tractr
Tractr High Rise Jogger Shorts Shorts Tractr
Tractr - Ankle Crop w/ Raw Hem Jean Tractr
Tractr - Mid Rise Skinny w/ Fray Hem Jean Tractr
Tractr Brittany Strawberry Shorts Shorts Tractr
Tractr Brittany Raffia Shorts Jean Tractr
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