Fairy Night Light Jars Sets


Night Light Jars Set

Transform your nights into magical experiences with the Night Light Jars Set! This enchanting kit includes:

  1. 2 Plastic Jars for creating mesmerizing designs
  2. 2 Flameless LED Candles with batteries for a safe and beautiful glow
  3. 4 Metallic Charms to add a touch of whimsy
  4. 2 Ribbons for a decorative finishing touch
  5. 2 Tubes of Powder Glitter to make your jars sparkle
  6. 3 Sheets of Transparent Paper for crafting starry designs
  7. 2 Sticker Sheets with silhouette and inspirational quotes
  8. 1 Brush for precise application
  9. 1 Container of Glue to secure your creations

All components are neatly packed in a beautiful keepsake storage box made from recycled cardboard. Illuminate your space with the magic of Night Light Jars!

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