The bottom portion is a bath bomb and the top portion is bubble bath! A two in one bath product for a fragrant, foaming, fizzy, bubbly bath experience. Great for gift giving! The marshmallow and chocolate bar adornments are made of soap for the tub too!

Fill Bath Tub With Desired Water Temperature, Drop Entire Bath Bomb Into Water For Colorful, Skin Loving, Fragrance, Fizz, and Fun! OR if you prefer to get the most bubbles from the topping, separate the top, tie an organza bag to the tub faucet and let the hot water run directly on the frosting portion to create the desired amount of bubbles. The hot cocoa bath bomb scent will remind you of just that, a decadent, rich chocolate experience!! 

Each Cupcake Is Boxed With Ribbon And Ready For Gift Giving!

Ingredients: "frosting portion" is loaded with Pure Cocoa Butter, Pure Shea Butter, and Pure Coconut Oil, it will leave you with ultimate skin moisture.

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